Historical information

Photograph of 17 representatives of the Australian Tramway Employees Association Conference in Hobart Tasmania 1929. Many have watch chains with their union badges.
Back row - W B Randall SA, M J Stapleton Vic, J M Bergin Vic, A W Banks NSW,
Middle row - J H Brown Hobart, E Christie, Vic, G H Bayliss Vic, R Lynch NSW, D Cameron WA, H J Holder Launceston
Front row - W A Clementson NSW, A C Warton Vice President, C J Bray Treasurer, J I Abflater Gen President, T Jewell General Secretary, M A McDonald SA, T E Beckman NSW.
Photo by J J N Barnett of Hobart.


Has a close association with the men list and their union activities.

Physical description

Mounted photograph black and white onto cardboard with names and title printed. Has a coloured image of Madonna on the rear.