Historical information

Julian Newton-Brown arrived at Falls Creek in 1957. He had studied Pharmacy at Melbourne University. After developing a love for the mountains, Julian moved to Mt. Beauty and then Falls Creek. He worked for the SEC in the test laboratory at Rocky Valley reading weather instruments. By working several jobs, Julian was able to build a small lodge of 10 beds named “Arundel”, located at 18 Slalom Street, Falls Creek. The lodge is now the “Elk at Falls”.

Arundel prospered and Julian extended it to include 32 beds and changed its name to "Julian’s” in 1961. When alcohol restrictions were eased in Falls Creek, Julian built a night club which he called “Big Julian’s” and later “THE MAN”. When Julian and his wife Beth retired and left Falls Creek, their son took over running the lodge.

An active community man, Julian was a member of the Falls Creek Chamber of Commerce, a member of the SES, a stakeholder in Falls Creek, an author and a documentary maker. Julian Newton-Brown died in May 2020.


This map is significant because it contains an image of Falls Creek Alpine Resort.

Physical description

A black and white map of Falls Creek Alpine Resort Map featuring a photo taken by Julian Newton Brown. A numbered legend is included at the bottom right corner.