Physical description

Paperback printed book. 128 pages. with illustrations and photographs, some coloured. Includes facsimiles, maps, and index. Includes a separate folded sheet inside a pocket which has a reproduction of a map of the Parwan Parish in the County of Grant. On the reverse of this sheet are two reproductions. One is a land auction plan for February 1910 advertising the sale of portions of land from the Nerowie Estate. The other reproduction is a section of a map showing some of the blocks of land in the Nerowie Estate which has the heading, 'Nerowie Titles 1898'. A pocket inside the back cover contains a separate booklet which is an index, and two pages of 'Additional Information'.

Publication type



Explores the history of the small farming community on the outskirts of Bacchus Marsh. It contains a plethora of fascinating details about the early years of this farming community from the 1830s until the early 2000s. There is a brief section at the beginning which looks at the history of the area prior to the colonial era. The book contains numerous sections about families and individual people who have lived in the Parwan area and includes many images of places and people. Citation: Parwan: A History by Dianne Van Leuvan. Published by Parwan History Group, Bacchus Marsh, Vic., 2010.