Historical information

Used as a means of authorising a tramcar to have sole use of the track between the named points to avoid head-on collisions. Safeworking object - known as a section staff.
Not known when made, but in use, until the introduction of the electric signalling in the mid 1930's by the SEC.
See also Reg Items 934 and 988 for details of use and other examples are at 1851, 52 and 53, 2473 and 4444 to 4448 , 4996 and 4497 and Reg item 934 and 988 for articles on the safeworking systems.


Demonstrates aspects of Safeworking on the Ballarat Tramway system used to c1936 when replaced by electric signals. Yields Information about the operation of Ballarat's trams and safeworking procedures.

Physical description

Cast brass item with a flat part recessed section with the words "BALLARAT TRAMWAYS SECTION STAFF" cast into the surface and a flat section underneath, flush with the outside edges in which the words "PLEASANT ST - GARDENS LOOP NTH. " stamped in. Has an open rounded end which forms a handle or a point where it could be hung on a peg.