Historical information

A copy of note that was given to donors to thank them for their donations it was sent with their receipt. Was part of a folio of proforma stationery from the 1960s. The flyer gives some information about Legacy House. It mentions the facilities available for the benefit of widows and children. Including two large well equipped gymnasia which are attended by more than 700 junior legatees each week. A dental clinic were Junior Legatees under 17 years of age are able to receive free dental examinations and treatment. Free medical examinations are carried out here too. Meeting rooms for Junior Legacy Mothers' Club and Senior Widows Club (those over 50 years of age). When printed the Senior Widows Club numbered more than 5,200. It mentions room for fetes run by a number of auxiliaries to raise funds. Also a sewing room fitted with 5 electric sewing machines to make costumes for the Annual Demonstration. A well equipped library for use of the Junior Legatees. A ladies lounge and television room where widows may rest when visiting the city. Rooms for speech training and mathematics coaching classes. A maintenance workshop where all sporting and general equipment used by widows and children can be repaired and/or constructed. Sundry committee meeting rooms where members of Legacy meet to consider and find solutions for the many problems which arise in respect of the families they care for. Sundry equipment and costume storerooms. Office accommodation for permanent staff including welfare and pension officers.
Was compiled in a folio of proforma stationery. A similar set of proformas are at 00338.


A record of forms and items used in Legacy's business practices in the 1960s.

Physical description

Yellow brochure thanking donors and a flyer about Legacy pasted on brown paper from a folio of forms and brochures from the 1960s.

Inscriptions & markings

Pencil mark '1960/1'.