Historical information

A copy of a flyer that explains what Legacy does, printed in the 1960s. Photos include legatee advising a family, girls classes and boys classes, a hike and widows. It is an example of Melbourne Legacy promotional material that was issued to inform the public on the work of Legacy. It includes the story of Legacy and what Legacy does. Headings include: Care of families ; Welfare ; Education and Training ; Boys' and Girls' classes ; Holidays and camps ; homes ; Widows' Club.
Legacy's phone number had changed again to 663 3564.
Was compiled in a folio of proforma stationery. A similar set of proformas are at 00338.


A record of forms and items used in Legacy's business practices in the 1960s.

Physical description

White brochure with black and white photos pasted on brown paper from a folio of forms and brochures from the 1960s.