Historical information

This captured enemy flag bears the signatures of 9RAR, 1969. It was collected by Private Lionel Leslie Corrie, Service no:1201398, who served in Vietnam 1968-1969. It is the flag of The People’s Army of Vietnam, the communist North Vietnamese Army (NVA) which infiltrated and then invaded South Vietnam between 1955 and 1975. It is believed that the members of 9RAR signed this at a reunion after the war had finished.

Physical description

Faded red and blue material flag with a yellow five pointed star in the center. Gold Vietnamese embroidered lettering at the top on the red/orange half of the flag and on the bottom blue half of the flag. Autographed by Australian soldiers in black. Sewn with red cotton. Red and blue flag of the People’s Army of Vietnam.

Inscriptions & markings

Vietnamese writing at top and below the yellow star. LUCLUONG VO TRANG GIAI PHONG MIEN NAM VIET NAM.