Historical information

The 1886 Irrigation Act in Victoria introduced the first legislation in Australia designed to enable the creation of a detailed scheme for agricultural irrigation. Part of the legislation saw the use of government funds for local irrigation projects. These local projects were managed by local irrigation trusts. The Lerderderg Irrigation and Water Supply Trust was formed in 1890. This map depicts the proposed area of the Trust and proposed works such as channels and weirs.

Physical description

Printed paper map of the proposed Lerderderg District Irrigation and Water Supply area showing proposed works. The map scale is 40 chains + 1 inch. The Lerderderg District lies within the Parishes of Korkuperrumul and Merrimu in the County of Bourke. At the top of the map above its title is the letter 'B; in capital lettering. A series of proposed channels are indicated on the map in red lines. A proposed weir site and alternative weir site are also indicated on the map.