Historical information

On the 20th November 1952 SEC linesmen Stewart Aicken, Donald Odames and Desmond Veraker were working on the corner of Gisborne Road and Masons Lane in Bacchus Marsh. Veraker was in the air in a harness working on power lines when he was electrocuted. Aicken and Odames were on the ground and attempted to rescue him and revive him. Sadly Vereker died from his injuries. Aicken and Odames were later given bravery awards by the Royal Humane Society of Australasia for their actions.

Physical description

Royal Humane Society of Australasia certificate presented to Stewart Aicken to recognise the bravery of his actions on the 20th November 1952 in attempting to rescue fellow linesman Desmond Vereker from electrocution. It was awarded to him to accompany a bronze medal also awarded to Aicken for this act of bravery. The certificate and bronze medal are housed in a frame. Underneath the bronze medal is a black and white photograph of Aicken receiving the award from the Governor of Victoria Sir Dallas Brooks in 1953. Also in the photograph is an unidentified man and woman. The unidentified man is probably Donald Odames who was with Aicken on the 20th November 1952 and was also recognised for his bravery by the Royal Humane Society of Australasia.