Historical information

Notice of the unveiling of the Edward O'Donnell Memorial Fountain on 18 August 1935 at Edward O'Donnell Gardens. Invitation to the unveiling of Edward O'Donnell fountain in the O'Donnell Gardens, St Kilda, at 3pm on 18 August 1935. Edward O'Donnell was a St Kilda Councillor and businessman who was elected to the St Kilda Council in 1888 and served continuously for 44 years. During that time he was mayor on six separate occasions,
including the war years. Following his death in 1933, a fountain was commissioned to
perpetuate his memory in the centre of the gardens that had, by then, already started to be known by his name. The fountain was designed and built at a cost of £750 by Modern Art Co. Pty. Ltd. Of the art deco style, it is 4.5 metres high and 5 metres in diameter. The fountain’s plaque says his ‘record of municipal and community service will always be an example of true manhood and ideal citizenship’

Physical description

White paper, discoloured with age, printed in blue on one side.