Historical information

Items appear to be used to simulate or play being a tram conductor with tickets collected and sorted into denominations and stapled to three cards. Tickets are not in numerical order. Tickets have been torn from the card.
Card 1 - Pink City Section 6d, brown 1/-, red 1/2. green 1/3 and teal 1/9
Card 2 - Purple 9d, brown 1/-, yellow 1/6, teal 1/9, pink 5d
Card 3 - Miscellaneous tickets, light yellow 9d, pink 5d, manila City Section 4d.
The miscellaneous tickets consisting of Pensioner Concession check ticket, Road Passengers Services Organisation blue bus ticket 1/2, Canberra bus ticket, Metro Theatre ticket for Ben Hur (1959), Stadium Melbourne, The Show of 1959, Festival Hall TV Stars Parade (17/5/1955?) and LTAV Kooyong Sam Snyers Water Follies 1957.


Demonstrates making an item to be used by children to simulate or play being a tram conductor.

Physical description

Set of three cardboard cards each with a set of tram tickets stapled to them.