Historical information

Emma Thomas Collection:
Items were owned by Emma Courtis, nee Thomas. Family lived in Hamelin St, White Hills. Clothing items possibly made by Emma or a local person in White Hills area and used around 1890s. Emma's family include Elizabeth Penrose (mother), Solomon Thomas (father), and Richard Courtis, a blacksmith (her husband).

Physical description

Black jacket is handmade with a heavy cotton lining. Collar and hem of the garment are lined with black velvet. Sleeve hems also lined with a band of black velvet. Hock and eye fasteners provide centre closing. Twelve small, black buttons (decorative) have been sewn vertically along the centre panel from collar to hem. Boning has been inserted into both of the side seams to shape the jacket. Darts, with decorative stitching, have also been used to tailor the front of the jacket around the centre closure panels (Three darts on either side of the centre closure panels). A central seam runs through the jacket back which ends in a "scalloped" shape.