Historical information

Emma Thomas Collection:
Items were owned by Emma Courtis, nee Thomas. Family lived in Hamelin St, White Hills. Clothing items possibly made by Emma or a local person in White Hills area and used around 1890s. Emma's family include Elizabeth Penrose (mother), Solomon Thomas (father), and Richard Courtis, a blacksmith (her husband).

Physical description

Three digital photographs relating to Emma Thomas.
a. Emma in her later years but no date recorded.
b. The wedding photo is of Emma and Richard's daughter, Ada, who married Hedley Thomas.
Donor's grandfather, Richard, is seventh in the third row from the left. He had a moustache then, but she remembers him as a bald man with round glasses.
Richard and Emma Courtis are in the third row, fourth, and fifth from the left of the photo.
c. Headstone of Emma and Richard who died in Melbourne and are buried there.