Historical information

Black and white photograph of the signal box at Franklin St. Swanston St and Victoria St, probably soon after its completion with tram W2 534 with a Malvern destination, standing behind the signal box with a conductor standing at the front of the tram. Shows the detail of the signal box that had toilets for crews. Note the iron step rungs to access the cabin,. The signal box was commissioned on 29/5/1929 Behind the building is Grants building with signs for Archers Printery and Ingram & Carr Wholesale Stationers. On the right hand side is the Carlton United Brewery building. Photo by Sutcliffe Pty Ltd on behalf of the MMTB.


Yields information about the then new Franklin St signal box.

Physical description

Black and white print with photographer's detail on the rear.

Inscriptions & markings

"Sutcliffe" photographers stamp.