Historical information

From: Clare Herscovitch
Sent: Saturday, April 6, 2024 11:42 PM
To: Moorabbin Air Museum
Subject: Photo offer
Hullo AARG
We have an undated photo of unknown provenance. A scan will be of higher quality than the image I have sent you, of course.
It shows the Kyeema, which dates it 1938 or earlier. If it was taken by our father, the photo must be from 1938 as that was the year he arrived in Australia.
Would this photo find a place in your collection?

Good wishes
Clare Herscovitch


The Kyeema airline crash occurred on 25 October 1938 when the Australian National Airways Douglas DC-2 Kyeema, tail number VH-UYC, flying from Adelaide to Melbourne, commenced final approach to Essendon Airport through heavy fog and crashed into the western slopes of Mount Dandenong, also known as Mount Corhanwarrabul, killing all 18 on board instantly.