Historical information

Variety of coins, tokens and objects collected by the original owner. Sources not known at this point.

Physical description

Rectangular white card with eleven coins and ten small objects attached, all labelled. Items attached are as follows:
096.1 Token from R. Parker ABT. 1854
096.2 Token, Thomas East, Melbourne
096.3 Token, T Butterworth and Company, Castlemaine
096.4 Coin, 1843 Shilling
096.5 Coin, 1845 Sixpence
096.6 Coin, 1843 Fourpence (Groat)
096.7 Coin, 1856 Threepence
096.8 Coin, 1877 Penny
096.9 Coin, Halfpenny
096.10 Coin, 1878 Halfpenny
096.11 Coin, 1826 Shilling
096.12 Coin, Item found at Union Jack Reserve, possibly a coin with an integrated hole. On either side of hole is marked 1/2. Requires identification.
096.13 Button, T&S Extra Quality button, metal
096.14 Button, Ceramic disc with 'K K..... Wien' marked upon it
096.15 Tiny Pot for melting Gold
096.16 to 096.18 Small unidentified ceramic crucibles?
096.19.2 Musket balls
096.20 Leaf patterned brooch