Historical information

W.P. Fairlam Auction Rooms was located on Charman Road, Cheltenham, Victoria.


The Fairlam family were a prominent family among early settlers in the Cheltenham area. While William Percy Fairlam ran the auction rooms, his son Richard William Percy Fairlam ran a photography business next door. Many of the photographs in our collection from the early 20th Century are the work of Richard William Percy Fairlam.

Physical description

Black and white image of a man with a moustache, dressed in a three piece suit and wearing a cap, standing outside the W.P. Fairlam Auction Rooms in Cheltenham, Victoria. Standing beside him is a girl and between them a dog is sitting on the ground. The man is William Percy Fairlam and the girl is his daughter Addie Fairlam.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in blue ink on reverse: 73
Handwritten in red ink on reverse: 51%