Historical information

Percival White was a blacksmith who set up shop in South Road, Moorabbin. The advertising on the front of the shop indicates he also made and repaired buggies, wagons, etc.


Percival White opened his blacksmith shop in 1853. The business continued until 1973.

Physical description

Black and white image of a group of men, standing either side of a Clydesdale horse, in front of Percival White's shop in South Road, Moorabbin. The man to the far right appears to be in a military or police uniform. The man immediately next to him is wearing a long apron. There are two more men standing in a row and then the Clydesdale. There is a man sitting sideways on the horse. Another man is holding the horse by the reins. Another man is standing next to him, with his hands on his hips and another man, or boy, is seated. In the background there is another man with a long white beard.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in blue ink on reverse: 124
Handwritten in red ink on reverse: 55%