Historical information

The Scantlebury family moved to Cheltenham from Linton. The father, George, was a medical practitioner. His daughter, Vera, became an early woman graduate of medicine at the University of Melbourne. His son, Clifford, also became a medical practitioner.

Physical description

Black and white image of a man (Dr George Scantlebury) driving an early car along Charman Road, Cheltenham. There are two women in the car as well. Cheltenham Cemetery can be seen in the background.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in black ink on round red sticker: X17 [scribbled over]
Handwritten in black ink inside a circle: A4
Handwritten in red ink inside a black ink circle: 60%
Handwritten in black ink: Dr Scantlebury's motor car
Handwritten in blue ink: Ch4