Historical information

The first picnic was held in association with the Market Gardeners and Fruit Growers’ Association on April 3, 1884 at Lilydale. Groups of market gardeners travelled by train with their families from Cheltenham, and stations further north, to Lilydale at a cost of three shillings and six pence for adults and two shillings for children under 15 years. On arrival a band played music to accompany dancing ‘on the green’, and foot races were held as well as other sporting events. This pattern of activities was followed for more than fifty years although the location of the picnic changed and the mode of transportation varied.

Physical description

Black and white image of men and women sitting and standing together around a picnic laid out on the ground in front of them.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in pencil: A25 - CHAP 3
Handwritten in red ink on a white square sticker: A25 / 71%