Historical information

Set of 3 MTOCo cable tram equipment specifications:
1 - Contract No. 8 - sheave pulleys, crown pulleys, curve pulleys, depression frames, manhole covers, and manhole frames
2 - Contract No. 9 - for 13500 casks of cement - imported from Europe, including storage, tensile strength, and timing of deliveries.
3 - Contract No. 11 - similar to 1 - (11 has been typed over the 8) - details the items, referenced drawings, signed by Geo S Duncan as Engineer. Includes Schedule and Tender forms. Undated, though does have a dated of "188_".


Yields information about the style of the specifications issued by the MTOCo during the 1880s for the supply of materials.

Physical description

Set of 3 documents printed on foolscap sheets.