Historical information

These scales were possibly used at Charing Cross Infant Welfare Centre, Bendigo.

Physical description

A mechanical balance scale. An oval cane basket 60 centimetres long, 38 centimetres wide and 13 centimetres deep sits on top of the scales. Two metal bars two centimetre wide and half a centimetre thick, underneath the basket hold it on the scales balance mechanism. On the other side of the balance mechanism is a 20 centimetre by 12 centimetre and one centimetre thick metal plate on which the known weights are placed. The base of the scales is a moulded metal consisting of two half domes 14 centimetres diameter and six centimetres high joined together by a ten centimetre long, four centimetre wide and six centimetre high section.

Inscriptions & markings

4LB 14OZ 3JI CIII C2320