Historical information

Bendigo Workshops is a railway workshop in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. It is located in the north of the city beside the junction of the Swan Hill and Deniliquin railway lines. The site covers 10.3 hectares of land and has 31 separate buildings, including a 10,000 sqm main workshop building and six kms of railway track.

The workshops were opened in November 1917 by the Victorian Railways. It opened in response to political pressures from provincial groups for decentralization, with the Victorian Railways preferring the cheaper option of expanding the existing Newport Workshops in suburban Melbourne.

The 1980s were a time of restructuring, and on the breakup of the Victorian Railways the workshops passed to the State Transport Authority and then the Public Transport Corporation.

Physical description

Three Audio Files - by David Bennet, Davis Moon and Kevin Whelan who worked at the Bendigo Railway Workshops. The three share their working life memories