Historical information

"Article compiled by Joan McEwan, great-granddaughter, researched by James Tibbett, great, great grandson."
Richard Williams was born in St. Blazey, Cornwall in 1831 to James and Ann Williams.
Married to Mary Thomas with whom he had 12 children: Eliza Ann "Lou" Thomas, Sarah Mary "Molly" Williams, Margaret "Peg" Williams (born 1858), Ellen Williams (1859-1860), George Williams (b. 1861), Richard Williams (b.1862), John Williams (1863-1866), Ellen Williams (b.1865), Stephen John Williams (b.1867), Albert James Williams (b. 1868), Michael Thomas Williams (b.1871) and Laura Williams (b.1872).
Worked in the Cornish mines until he was 21 and sought work in America.
Landed in Melbourne on 20 December 1857 in search of gold.
Was given supervision of the work conducted in the 1864 Cinderella Claim belonging to Geroge Lansell, among others. Williams was later named manager of all of Lansell's mines. Williams later opposed Lansell in favour of better working conditions for miners.
Williams was then in charge of the Johnson Reef Company until his retirement.
He worked on the administrative council at the Bendigo School of Mines, was named Justice of the Peace and was a founding member of the California Hill Methodist Church.
Williams died in Eaglehawk in 1903.

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Physical description

A3 colour photocopies of the 18 February 2005 edition of the Eaglehawk Times newspaper. Date of photocopy unknown. Location of original paper unknown.

Page 12 contains the biography of Richard Williams, aka Cap'n Dick. The article was compiled by Williams' great-granddaughter, Joan McEwan, and 2 x Great Grandson, James Tibbett. The article shows significant discolouration, rips and tears, folds and cuts.

Unknown page number contains articles written about the history of Eaglehawk borough.