Historical information

The availability of reliable regular and frequent public transport was very important to the land speculators of the 1880s. Charles H James, an early land speculator, had large holdings in the Shire of Moorabbin at Black Rock, Sandringham and Mentone. In 1884 he was advertising the auction of 109 blocks of land at ‘Picnic Point’ in the Brighton Southern Cross.[1] He provided free railway passes and conveyance to the grounds to prospective buyers. A proposal to extend the Brighton Railway to Sandringham and Black Rock seemed remote in 1884 so James acted to resolve the lack of public transport by forming his own tramway company. From the discussion between the Council and James it was agreed that the Council would apply for permission to construct a tramway on Beach Road. By February 8, 1889 the horse drawn trams were running from Cheltenham Station to Rickett’s Point and from Sandringham Station to ‘Blackrock Corner’. Although stricken with financial problems for its entire existence, Beaumaris Tramway Company continued until 1915.

Physical description

Black and white image of two horses. harnessed to a double decker tram, being pulled along the tram tracks laid in the street. There are men sitting on the top level of the tram, in the open air. Other trams are lined up behind this one, although with no people in them. The tram belongs to the Beaumaris Tramway Company.