Historical information

List titled "Numbers and Particulars of Trams", copied 27 March 1952. Gives details of where purchased from, date of purchase, type, body builder, seating capacity, overall length, overall height, overall width, condition of tram, trolley base, Lightning arrester, controller make and type, Truck Maker and type, type of truck, axle type, wheelbase, axle diameter, motors type and maker, Motor horsepower, Armature bearings, suspension bearings, gear teeth, Air compressor make and type, Brake Valves make and type, Governor make and type, Weight in tons and details of advertising space in racks. See also 8721 and 8722 for other versions - different dates and 8690 for a Bendigo list.
Note: Framed copies of both Ballarat and Bendigo are held in the depot. Notes the renumbering of trams 15 and 22.


Yields information about the dimensions and equiipment on Ballarat Tramcars operated by the SEC.

Physical description

Typed List of tramcars and their details for Ballarat.

Inscriptions & markings

handwritten note regarding tram 37 "not in service" and "41, 42, 43" added to top right hand side.