Historical information

Tramway Pass for a Totally and Permanently Disabled Soldier pass No. 505 made out to R H Prentice of Prahran and signed by R A Spencer MMTB Secretary. Has the availability conditions, and is available until 30/6/1948. Mr Bob Prentice was a tramway enthusiast who collected VR Tramcar No. 20, photographs and items and authored several small books about Victorian Tramways. See January 1993 and the April. 2024 (page 9) issues of Ballarat Tramway Museum Fares Please - (reference links)


Has a strong association with a well respected tramway enthusiast and collector.

Physical description

Grey cloth card folded item with two pre-printed pieces of paper glued to the inside, one with details of the holder on the left hand and the right hand side with a photograph of the holder.