To collect, preserve, share and celebrate the history of Harness Racing in Central Victoria and at Lord's Raceway in Bendigo.

To research and preserve the growth, social and agricultural influence of Harness Racing in Central Victoria since the first organized racing in 1855.

Our collection

Victorian Harness Racing History and Memorabilia Collection

The growing Collection based at Lord’s Raceway in Bendigo is intended to stimulate awareness, understanding and enjoyment of Victoria’s Harness Racing Heritage and conserve, develop and promote the Harness Racing Heritage


• To ensure that the rich history and culture of Victoria’s Harness Racing is recorded and preserved for future generati

• To provide access to Victoria’s Harness Racing History.

• To engage and educate traditional, future and potential racing fans, participants and supporters.

• To interpret and contextualize the impact of Harness Racing on Victorian society since 1855.

• To develop a museum quality display and interpretation facility, open to all.

Themes: Shaping cultural and creative life, Building community life