A 1940s style garage housing a unique collection of 50 motor vehicles. There are motorcycles, a variety of petrol bowsers from hand pumping ones to the more modern type, dozens of enamel signs covering the entire walled area, hundreds of model cars in varying scales, and memorabilia reflecting over 90 years of motoring history. Many unusual vehicles including a good selection of Micro cars such as Goggomobil, BMW Isetta, Messerschmitt and a Suzuki Concept vehicle, as well as an electric Enfield, an Australian built Zeta, an AC Acedes Invalid tricycle and several unusual Studebakers including the Avanti. A small folk museum displays household antiquities, beer and bottle collection, sewing machines, radios etc.

Our collection

Estimate of several hundred model cars, plus 50 cars and 16 bowsers and motorcycles. Several hundred motor related signs and motoring badges, including several hundred beer cans, bottles, radios, cameras and advertising