The Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum showcases the University's significant collection of ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities, all located at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. The Ian Potter Museum of Art is open to the public.

Our collection

Classics and Archaeology Collection (University of Melbourne) (1901)

The University of Melbourne?s collection of antiquities was founded in 1901 with the donation of five Egyptian papyri. Now known as the Classics and Archaeology Collection it is one of the oldest cultural collections held by the University. The activities of scholars and the generosity of donors have since seen the growth of the collection, which incorporates objects from the Classical and Near Eastern worlds. It now includes over 2000 objects primarily from Greece, Rome, Cyprus, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Chronologically, the antiquities span several millennia and are a testimony to many significant achievements. Among these are representations of early writing systems, items of ancient maritime trade, artworks of the Near East and classical worlds, coins and illuminated manuscripts. In 2001, the University funded the construction of a Classics and Archaeology Gallery at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, where the collections is now housed and displayed. Since the opening of this gallery, activities now include exhibition and education programs directed towards students and the general public. In addition, on-line access is provided to the Classics and Archaeology Collection through the Virtual Museum: vm.arts.unimelb.edu.au/

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