The Country Women’s Association of Victoria was formed 12 March 1928 and today boasts more than 5,000 members. Each member belongs to one of 300 branches across Victoria, that maintains its own program and is empowered to meet community needs.

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. is an organisation of women supporting women, children and families right across Victoria.

It’s a vibrant, self-funded, volunteer philanthropic organisation with a focus on friendship, personal development and advocacy. We have day, night and weekend branches to cater for your needs.

We encourage members to support each other, make a difference in their communities and advocate on community issues, sustainable development and the protection of the environment, and social issues.

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria awards educations grants and scholarships, while providing training and leadership opportunities to our members.

As a member of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria, you’re also part of a global network of women via the Associated Country Women of the World, which has non-government organisation status with several United Nations agencies.