Fairfield Hospital Historical Collection holds the artefacts and archives associated with the history of the medical treatment and nursing management of Infectious Diseases in Victoria from 1904 to 1995.

Our collection

Medical/nursing - a dual collection of artifacts and archives such as nursing uniforms, medical instruments and equipment etc. catalogued, some of which is now on a database. Includes a sizable photographic collection from 1902 to 1995, which includes history of HIV AIDS from 1984 to 1995. Complete leather bound collection of patient registration books dating from first patient on 1 October 1904 to 1970s. Accessible collection of medical records dating from June 1942 to June 1950 detailing medical treatment and nursing management of Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria and Polio and other infectious diseases, accessible through a Freedom Of Information application to Austin Health. Complete bound collection of Board of Management Minutes plus all Annual Reports from the first in 1915 to close of hospital in 1995. Archives and artifacts left to the collection by Matron Vivian Bullwinkel and Matron Gwen Burbidge, who wrote the first nurse training manual in Australia.