The Museum, consists of an historic post office (1890), a early and later period school buildings, pioneer's cottage and a bark hut. Lewis Lasseter (of fabled gold reef fame) - story of his activities in the district. His work boat is on display at the Museum. Displays deal with local history - from the discovery of gold, followed by timber getting, then dairying. As the area developed into a thriving community.

Our collection

Foster and District Historical Society Collection (1973)

This collection is housed in old Foster buildings: the historic 1890 Post Office, early and later school buildings, a pioneer’s cottage and a bark hut. The collection includes approximately 800 artefacts, 2,000 photographs and 100 documents relating to Foster and the surrounding district. Collection focuses include artefacts relating to the discovery of gold in the district in 1870 and the subsequent gold rush, development of the timber and dairying industries. Other fascinating items are the boat and other memorabilia belonging to H.L. (Lewis) Lasseter, who is well known in Australia for his ill-fated 1930s search for gold in northern Australia.

Themes: Connecting Victorians by transport and communications, Transforming and managing land and natural resources, Building towns, cities and the garden state, Building community life