Geelong Gaol Museum is located at the Old Geelong Gaol. Planning for the gaol started prior to the separation of Victoria from NSW. The Gaol first opened to prisoners in 1853 and was completed in stages until 1864. It has had a number of roles over its history including an industrial school for girls, a hospital gaol, a detention barracks and a training prison. The Geelong Goal closed its doors in 1991, in the same conditions you see today.

The Geelong Gaol today holds a number of items relating to the different use of the gaol over its history. The focus of the collection is predominately the Geelong Gaol and the Victorian penal system.

Our collection

Geelong Gaol Museum Collection (2019)

The Geelong Gaol Museum focuses on the history of the Geelong Gaol from the beginning up until today with a broader interest in penal history, crime history and policing in Victoria.

The collection is developing but will build on what is already at the gaol with a view to broaden to Victorian penal history is general to illustrate prisoners lives, the roles of the wardens and Governors, executions and punishments.

We will seek to display a range of items from the earliest history of the Gaol right up until present day

Themes: Shaping cultural and creative life