A collection of letters, photographs, memorabilia, documents and curios connected to the life and times of Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ (1887-1957). The collection, which is in the care of the Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga, provides a unique insight into the life of a doctor in Melbourne in the early twentieth century; to a woman doctor working in two of Melbourne’s leading hospitals; to a woman active in championing social equality in the early 1900s and to Mary Glowrey's unique experience as the first nun-doctor. The collection reveals the state and plight of women and children in Victoria at the turn of the last century and also in India, where Dr Sr Mary Glowrey served from 1920-1957.

Mary Glowrey was the inaugural President of the Catholic Women's League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga, then called the Catholic Women's Social Guild, in 1916. Her cause for canonisation commenced in November 2010.

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