We collect files, manuscripts, printed works, family histories, articles, photographs, objects and anything that is relevant the history of Morwell and district including the areas of Churchill, Driffield, Hazelwood Estate, Hazelwood South, Hazelwood North, Jeeralang Junction, Jumbuk, Morwell Bridge, Derham’s Hill and White City.

A collection of documents, photographs and objects pertaining to:

- The former Morwell Shire and City Councils

- Morwell Water Board Rate and Property Records

- School Class photos of local schools

- Student Enrolment Registers

- Maps and plans, including Town Plans, Parish Plans, Shire Maps

- Local Family Histories

- Morwell District Boer War Soldiers and Civilians – War Service

- The Great War – Local Soldiers’ Service

- Local Industries and Businesses

- We also have an extensive library of local history books as well as books of general historic interest.

Our collection

Participant of the "Combined Gippsland History Database"; Collection of documents, photographs, objects and small artifacts pertaining to the former Morwell Shire and City Councils; School Class photos of local schools; Student Enrollment Registers; Maps; Local Family Histories; Boer War - Morwell District Soldiers' lives and war service; The Great War - Local Soldier's Service; Local Industries and Businesses; Morwell Water Board Rate and Property Records; local knowledge of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, Gas & Fuel Corporation and Australian Paper Maryvale (APM)