The Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia Inc was founded on the 21st July 1992 as a support group to the RAAF and the Volunteer Restoration Team of young Service Personnel and civilians working on the restoration of A52-600.

The objects of the Association shall be:

To provide fellowship and develop acquaintances among persons having a common interest in the DH98 Mosquito Aircraft in general and the Mosquito Aircraft A52-600 in particular, through participation in the activities of the Association.

To provide a support group to the combined RAAF and civilian team involved in the restoration of RAAF Mosquito Aircraft A52-600. To keep members advised of progress in restoration with circulation of newsworthy items to members from time to time.

To raise funds through entry fees, annual subscriptions, donations and any other source decided by the Committee, to contribute to the costs of restoration of A52-600 and to promote public awareness of the project.

To advance and preserve the memory of those persons who designed, produced, flew and serviced the DH98 Mosquito Aircraft.

To undertake such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association but having regard at all times that the Association shall not operate for the purpose of profit or gain to individual members and any distribution, whether in money, property or otherwise to members is prohibited.

To assist in any display functions of Mosquito A52-600 to the public, whether static or aerial and actively promote the restoration programme and the Aircraft to the public.

To be independent of any other organisation and to be a non-political, non-sectarian Association.

Our collection

A collection of stories and photographs about the De Havilland Mosquito owned by the RAAF Museum, and the Squadron - No 87, in which the Mossie was assigned during WW2 at Coomalie Creek, NT. and considerable information regarding Mosquito aircraft in general.