Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative Limited is a unique community living in a bush environment and sharing the experience of managing the integrity of the 128 hectares of dry schlerophyl forest.

It was formed in 1971 by a group of people who thought that a community settlement would be an active and positive way of preserving the Australian bush on a small scale. It does not aspire to self-sufficiency.

Registered under the Victorian Co-operation Act (2014) as a non-distributing small co-operative, the RTBCC is limited to 32 shares, which can be jointly or individually owned.

Each share entitles its owner/s to a long-term lease of an area of 1500sqm for the purpose of building a house and a kitchen garden within guidelines.

Living independently of each other, shareholders come together for various activities e.g.

• land management

• social get togethers

• monthly management

• projects

• involvement with various other organisations and flora and bird walks

Our collection

A collection of photos of the Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative dating from the 1970's.

Themes: Transforming and managing land and natural resources, Building community life, Shaping Victoria's Environment