The Royal Melbourne Hospital Archives Department was created in 1994 to facilitate the writing of a book celebrating the hospital's 150th anniversary history. The department serves to document the tradition and history of the hospital. It serves as the hospital's corporate memory by documenting the hospital's cultural heritage and unique identity. The collection supports the various educational and business activities of the hospital, including: administrative and legal requirements; educating staff and students on the traditions of the hospital; providing a sense of identity to the hospital community; providing research services; and assisting with public relations through exhibitions. The Archives Department aims to ensure the continuing preservation of records by applying recognised archival principles to the identification, collection, classification, storage, retrieval, display and reference use of the records in its possession.

Our collection

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Archives

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a public hospital and a part of the Melbourne Health Service. The Archives collects administrative records relating to The Royal Melbourne Hospital (Melbourne Hospital prior to 1935), Melbourne Health and records of another hospital within the Melbourne Health Service, The Royal Melbourne Hospital - Royal Park Campus (the former Immigrants Aid Society/Mount Royal Hospital). Some records of the now defunct Essendon and District Memorial Hospital are also held.