Torquay and District Historical Society is a group dedicated to learning more about and sharing the history of Torquay. Located in the Old Police Station at 18 Price Street Torquay, you can access our collection of old maps, photos, documents and memorabilia.

Our collection

Torquay and District Historical Society Collection (2000)

In the main we collect photographic memorabilia, but we are collecting general old books, however we prefer to focus on local history. We have some items of the Scammell,a sailing ship which was wrecked off Point Danger and is a local focus of our history since 1891. We have many papers, a copy of the Bathing Box Register, the Lodgers Register from the Palace Hotel and the Newbays Guest House.

Themes: Peopling Victoria's Places & Landscapes, Shaping Victoria's Environment, Building towns, cities and the garden state, Building community life