The Whittlesea Historical Society meets on the third Sunday of each month at 2 pm (except January), visitors are most welcome to attend. We meet in the Whittlesea Bowls Club, 101 Church St, Whittlesea. VIC.

Some of our aims include:

•Petition on behalf of local historic sites, buildings, trees, etc to Council or government,

•Undertake and promote the research of our history,

•Collect, conserve, compile and make available historic records,

•Establish and maintain a library and archives of that information,

•Disseminate knowledge of our history through lectures, publications, exhibitions, excursions and other means,

•Provide a means for people interested in the area’s history to meet, discuss and participate.

Some of our recent activities include:

•Presentation of events for the City of Whittlesea annual Cultural Heritage Program,

•Digitalisation of our photographic collection;

•Guest Speaker nights,

•Representation on the Yarra Plenty Heritage Forum,

•Outings to local places of interest,

•Attendance at workshops and seminars presented by the Royal Historical Society of Victoria,

•Publication of Whittlesea Township Heritage Walk booklet.