The Society's Museum is housed in a former railway station which has been listed by Heritage Victoria.

The Photographic and artefact collection related mainly to the state coal mine which operated from 1909 to 1968.

Other displays relate to Wonthaggi and the various institutions which shared its history. EG co-operative store, Wonthaggi miners dispensary, union theatre, schools, sporting clubs, Wonthaggi and district hospital miners union and miners woman's auxiliary.

Our collection

1000 photos (Wonthaggi and district 1909 to present), 3000 artefacts (mining tools, household artefacts, etc), 200 audio tapes relating to history of Wonthaggi and district. Newspapers "Powerlett Express" 1909 - 1969 on microfilm, "Wonthaggi Sentinel" 1909 - 1921 1946 - 49 Hard Copy, "Sentinel Times" 1970 to present Hard Copy.