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Photograph - Canteen at Mission to Seafarers

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

A white-bordered, black and white photograph of the Mission to Seafarers Canteen. From the left hand side of the photograph the image portrays an external doorway with six glass windows, emitting light from behind. This leads to the dipslay cabinet and bench of the canteen which is reflecting light from the windowed door. Central to the image is a pillar which is three-quarters wood paling starting from the floor, of which a map is displayed on one edge and a notice board on the remaining visible edge of the pillar. A bench is visible to the right side of the pillar and the far right side of the photograph, posters are hung on the wall.
H 28 x W 22
Object Registration
photograph, canteen, tab, koalas, blackboard, archway, pennant, mission-to-seamen, flying-angel-club, mission-to-seafarers-melbourne, wains-coting, melbourne-map, plastichrome-postcards, licensed-to-sell-postage-stamps, notice-board, fluorenscent-light, display-case, milkshake-machine, milkshake-containers
Historical information
The canteen is part of the Mission to Seafarers building that has catered to visiting seafarers since 1917. The canteen is operated by the Flying Angel Club, which offered services to seafarers including food, drink and souvenirs from the canteen and events held in the main hall which invloved the use of the canteen. The Ladies Harbor Lights Guild also used the canteen facilities for functions and fundraisers held at the Mission to Seafarers.
When Made
Historical record of the Mission to Seafarers canteen post-1963.

This is an example of the contemporaneous use of the canteen as primarily a supply shop and in a comparative fashion reveals some of the overall changes at the Mission..
Inscriptions & Markings
Purple stamp on central back of photograph. "Melbourne Harbor/Trust Photograph/Negative No......."
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