Historical information

The Torpedo Manual was created in 1889 presumably as part of the training program of the Victorian Naval Torpedo Corps.


This item is significant partly because some of the information in the manual is not found elsewhere but also as it the only known copy of this manual. The manual is also evidence that a more professional approach to training was undertaken by the Victorian Naval Forces after the mid 1880s. Gunner/Instructor Corkle's of the Port Melboune Naval Brigade written in the manual is evidence of the manual's strong provenance.

Physical description

Victorian Naval Forces Manual printed in 1889 with 62 pages with a burgandy cover.
Two sections:-
Part 1 - Whitehead Torpedos and their component parts used in the Victorian Naval Forces.
Part 2 - Electrical section describing firing circuits, cells, fuzes, dynamoes, search lights.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside front cover -

"Jno. Co[orkle] /Gunner & Instructor/oPort Melbourne Division/of/Naval Brigade/Port Melbourne/ January 1890."

Inside back cover -

"J Corkle GI/P.M.B. of N.B./January 1890"