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Architectural drawings

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Coloured architect's drawings of the proposed plans for Chaplain's Residence at Port Melbourne on heavy parchment. Including elevation drawings, floor plans and cross sections as well as architect's notes and measurements.
H55.5 x W45.5
Object Registration
plans, mission-to-seamen, port-melbourne, chaplains-residence, walter-butler, beach-street, nott-street, architects-drawings, frederick-williams, walter richmond butler (1864–1949)
Historical information
An original group of plans drawn by Walter Butler who was also the architect of the Central Institute, Siddeley Street in 1906 and the Mission to Seamen building at 717 Flinders St that is still in use today.
The early Port Melbourne onshore Mission gradually transformed from a 'wooden shack' to a one storey brick building designed by architect Frederick Williams in 1888.

The St Nicholas chapel was added in 1915.

Walter Butler was commissioned to add a second storey in 1917.
The building retained its functions until 1937 when the Art Deco Mission, designed by Morris was built.

The building has survived as a structure into the 21st century, and was incorporated as part of a multi-apartment development.
When Made
Made By
Walter Butler (Maker), J. Creffield Propy Ltd (Maker)
Historical architectural record of Walter Butler's work. Walter Butler was a renowned architect and friend of the Fairfax family.
Inscriptions & Markings
Embossed architect's stamp in top right and left corners and bottom right corner "Walter R Butler [indecipherable] Melbourne"
Printer's stamp on bottom right hand corner of rear "Printed by J. Creffield Propy. LTD. RIALTO, 493-5 Collins St. Melbourne"
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