Historical information

The tipstaff is a symbol of office for the court officical responsible for keeping order in the court, also called the tipstaff. This tipstaff dates from 1826 and is marked with the reign of George IV. This tipstaff was unlikely to have been used in the Supreme Court of Victoria, and is probably an item donated to the court in the 20th century.


This is the only item of this nature held by the court, the item because of its age would be quite rare. This rarity makes it of state significance, further research needs to be undertaken with regard to national and international (ie. UK) significance.

Physical description

Painted black wooden baton, with gold leaf inscription. Baton has been shaped to provide a hand grip with three wooden grooves, barrel/cylinder shape at the other end.

Inscriptions & markings

Painted "Gold Crown/1826/ GR IV/ R. 11"