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Copy of a letter - Letter to Walter West from W.H. Birdwood

From the Collection of Red Cliffs Military Museum Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs Victoria

copy of typed letter to Walter West from W.H. Birdwood
22.5cm W x 20cm H
Object Registration
ww1, walter, thomas, west, mm, mc
Historical information
Sent by W.H. Birdwood but no signature.
This is another of 5 documents in a large frame called the West Collection
When Made
19/4/1919 (exact)
Made By
Australian Imperial Headquarters England (Army Headquarters)
Inscriptions & Markings
Top left corner: Copy. Top right Australian Imperial Force
130 Horseferry Road, Westminster, S.W.1
19th April, 1919
Dear West, I send you my heartiest congratulations on the award to you of the Military Cross, of which I have only now been informed; in recognition of your very good and gallant work in our operations at Montbregain on 5th October last.
When your platoon was held up by heavy fire from a strong post, you most gallantly rushed forwatd alone, and bombing the position captures the gun and crew. Later, when your flank could not make progress owing to fire from a post containing two machine guns, you crawled round to the right, and rushed this post, which you captured with one of the guns, killing three and taking another three of the garrison prisoners. On your company commander becoming casualty, you took command, and consolidated the line with good judgment and ability. throughout you displayed courage, initiative and determination of a very high order. I am indeed pleased that your splendid work has been recognised in this way. with kindest regards and good wishes to you for the future. Yours sincerely. W. H. Birdwood
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