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Certificate - Commendation notice for Military Medal

From the Collection of Red Cliffs Military Museum Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs Victoria

Photocopy of original dispatch notice for Military Medal to No 1272 BDR J. Moore, 13th F.A.B.
20.5cmW x 17.5cm H
Object Registration
medal, 1918, military, moore, joseph, world, war, 1, corbie, 51st, battery, 4th, district
Historical information
Associated with BDR. Joseph Moore grouped framed certificates
When Made
1918 (estimated)
Made By
Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Defence)
Inscriptions & Markings
No 1272, BDR. J. Moore, 13th F.A.B./
On 24th April, 1918 whilst the 51st Battery was/ in acrion N.E. of Cordie it was subjected to a very heavy hostile/ bombardment of H.E. and gas shells. This N.C.O.'s duries as a/ specialist required the maintenance of communications between the/ Battery an C.P. The line was frequently cut and required several/ trips, all of which took some considerable time. The whole area/ was very heavily shelled as was the vicinity of the C.P. and this/ N.C.O.'s tasks were performed under heavy shell fire ar great/ personel risk. Throughout the periods Bdr. Moore displayed great/ coolness and total disregard of personal danger thus setting a/ splendid example
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