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Letter - Letter from 815 Cpl William Carroll to his Aunt

From the Collection of Red Cliffs Military Museum Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs Victoria

This is a copy of a letter written by 815 Cpl William Carroll to his Aunt while he was hospitalised in Cairo. It is written on YMCA letterhead.
2 pages- 21cm W x 29.5 cm H
Object Registration
ww1, battalion, aif, 815, sgt, carroll, e, 21st, 6th, brigade, 1st, dcm, wiiliam
Historical information
This is part of a collection belonging to Sgt, William E. Carroll
When Made
31/12/1916 (exact)
Made By
815 Cpl. William Carroll (D Coy, 21st Battalion AIF)
Inscriptions & Markings
Top Left hand Corner: Patron/ YMCA National Council/ H.M. The King/
Patron /Military Camp Dept./ H.R.H. Duke of Connaught.
Centre top: For God, For King & For Country/ YMCA Logo/ with the/
Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. (written through the logo)/
Right hand top corner: Committee/ for Egypt/and/the Near East./ Chairman/ H.E. Sir Henry McMahon
Lower down page: Reply to No. 815 Coy D Bat 21st/ Dec 31st '16/
Stationed at/
Dear Aunt,/ I am at present a patient in the (??)/ General Hospital, Egypt, back again at Cairo. I/have a slight abcess on my lip and my neck was a/ bit swollen, but both are almost right now./
It's quite a relief to be away from the shot &/ shell, for a spell & to enjoy comfort and sunshine/ again after four months hardships in the trenches./ During the latter part of my stay at ANZAC, it/ was intensely cold, snow & ice galore & freezing/ cold winds. It's five days since I left the pen/insular; we were taken off in a small steamer/ to Lemnos & put aboard a fine hospital ship./ We arrived at Alexandria yesterday morning/ & came on here last night. My lip has been/ lanced & the swelling is disappearing fast./ I had many miraculuous escapes in the trench./ Once whilst observing over the sandbags a barage/ ventilated my hat. On another occasion when/ I was stiring the porridge a piece of shrapnel/ knocked over our breakfast into the fire. So I have/ a lot to be thankful for to be sure./Many of my comrades have gone and are buried in the/ churchyard in Shrapnell gully & more are away sick/ and wounded. I intended to cable to you for some money but I think I'll be able to make do/ of it, & we have all our wants attended to here./ Do you remembr Willy O'Leary of Mansfield?- He/ was killed near us in an attack some time ago./ Young Sgt. Roberts, my chum of Dookie & Broadmeadows/ was also sniped a few days before I left./ The war doesn't appear to be going too well, but/ I am sure time will tell, & we will eventually/ give the Germans a good belting. Just address/ my letters as usual, as I don't think I'll be here/ for long & if I am my mates will send them/ on. I gave them permission to keep any parcel/ you might forward on whilst I am away. It was/ awfully good of you to send the other thing along./ Hoping all are quite well./ I am/ Your Affectionate Nephew/ William E. Carroll. Cpl/
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