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Ammunition Box - .303 MK7 500 Cartridges Ball Ammunition Box

From the Collection of Red Cliffs Military Museum Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs Victoria

Wooden Ammunition Box with webbing & metal handles with metal spring lock clip. Canvas hinge painted brown. Webbing carry straps in 3 locations. Box assembled with wood and small nails. Inside box is a wood divider running length ways .Unpainted.
490mmL x 235mm W x 155mm H
Object Registration
ammunition, 303, ball, 1952, mk7
When Made
1952 (exact)
Made By
Commonwealth Government Ammunition Factory (Maker)
Inscriptions & Markings
side 303cc (in White), rectangle with 500 cartges,.303 ball, MF cc 9-4-52 MK7 (in Yellow) Governement Explosives W^D 6 six (in White)
Opposite side; Tropic Treated Charger clips (inred/pink paint) 500 cartges/.303 Ball/MF cc 9-4-52/ MK7
Last updated
8 Nov 2018 at 6:51PM